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Trusted Source Mode

Meinberg has implemented a so-called ‘trusted source’ method (TRS) – that allows connecting one or more additional time sources to a GPS receiver. 
The TRS Method is supported in Meinberg LANTIME Systems in combination with an external XHE Rubidium connected to the GPS receiver. The TRS enables deeper consistency checks of the received time.
The external Rubidium acts as a holdover buffer that is synchronized by the MRS Master as long as the master is available. If the GPS Master Fails or GPS for some reason starts delivering corrupted data the TRS will detect this as an offset limit violation. Consequently, the reference selection algorithm will discard the current master and the XHE rubidium source will become the new master for synchronization.
When the GPS signal reverts to normal operation and the time difference returns below the TRS limit, the GPS becomes the master source again.


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