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Automation Expo 2018

We are ready to welcome you at Automation Expo 2018

Do Visit us at Automation Expo 2018 at Bombay Exhibition Center, Goregaon (East), Mumbai from 29'th August to 1'st September 2018 at Stall No. G-10 ; Hall No. 1

Few weeks left for the Automation Expo 2018


Celebration of Independence Day at DreamSoft- Paryana Office:

Keeping with the Tradition, Team DreamSoft-Paryana celebrated Independence Day in Style. Various Groups were formed representing States like Kerela, Maharashtra, Goa and Punjab.

Wonderful Decorations were done by each Team to represent India through their chosen State.

Decor, Presentations, Dressing and Food were very good. Efforts made by Teams in Short time with Ongoing Work needs Big Appreciation.

At the End, Punjab was chosen as Winner. Kerela came in at 2'nd Place but Kudos to all Team Members who participated.

Special Thanks to Pinnacle HR and Reema for the planning and conducting the event.

Automation Expo 2018

Greetings from DreamSoft...Few weeks left for the Automation Expo 2018, Mumbai where We will participate with 2 Major Solutions, Industrial Automation Software Solutions and ERP Solutions. Also Paryana Automation will showcase Meinberg Time Servers. We will showcase various Services and Solutions in Automation Software Division and will discuss the requirements of ERP for Business Owners who visit our Stall. ERP sounds simple but is a Complex in terms of Implementation and Support which DreamSoft has done from past many Years. Before we confirm the Order, Sales Team will make Client Understand our ERP and bridge the Gap of Requirements. Also While giving Demo, we would encourage client to give us his Data so that we can showcase the right processes to him. This Year, we have launched new Catalog for iERP along with Logo for the same. To have more then 50 ERP's Live at Client's Businesses gives us immense pleasure and also this increases our responsibility of Support and Traini…

What Makes a Master the Best?

A key to the resiliency of the Precise Time Protocol is the Best Master Clock Algorithm, or BMCA.  The BMCA allows a clock to automatically take over the duties of Grandmaster when the previous Grandmaster loses its GPS, gets disconnected due to a switch fault, or for what ever reason is unable to continue as Grandmaster.
To understand how this works consider a day in the life of an Ordinary Clock.  Recall from a previous post that an Ordinary Clock can be designed such that it is capable of acting as either a master or a slave.  The states that this clock can be in are shown in the state diagram below:

After power up the first thing the clock does is “listen”, in other words  it look for Announce messages from the PTP general multicast address.  An Announce message contains the properties of the clock which sent it.  If the Ordinary Clock sees an Announce message from a better clock it goes into a slave state, or passive if it is not slave capable.  If the Ordinary Clock does not see a…