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Accuracy Determining Factors on the Network Whenever a network packet is sent from one application running on one node to another application running on a different node the network packet has to traverse a path which includes quite a number of unknown delays or latencies:
All the yellow lines indicate unknown processing delays. If the packet has to go through a switch, but the output port is just busy with a different packet (red lines) then the packet is delayed. Also different link speeds on the 2 involved switch ports cause an asymmetry of the packet delay which results in a time offset. Unfortunately there are only switches available which support this for PTP, but there are no switches which support this for NTP. On the other hand, even if hardware time stamping of NTP packets was supported the current version of the NTP protocol doesn't even provide a proper way to forward the measured delays. The reference implementation of the NTP protocol, ntpd, can yield pretty good accu…

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Synchronized timing is vitally important when many systems work together in a network. It is true for other network services, time synchronization is exposed to numerous cyber vulnerabilities such as hacker attempts and security hazards. Spoofing or falsifying of time information may severely influence the operation of time-critical applications and degrade stability of networks. Meinberg therefore dedicates special care and attention to safety and security procedures which are implemented and regularly upgraded on LANTIME NTP servers to protect the time service from undesired attacks and keep synchronization operating properly. 1) Access Control and User ManagementIt is possible to create multiple user accounts on a LANTIME system; each account can be assigned to one of three user privilege levels:
•    Super-User full read / write control over Web GUI and Command Line functions
•    Admin-User restricted read / write control over Web GUI and CLI functions
•    Inf…

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