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Sony's New IP Facility is Supported by a Powerful IEEE 1588 Meinberg Grandmaster

Sony recently launched a dedicated IP live Studio as part of its Digital Motion Picture Center Europe (DMPCE) at Pinewood Film Studios. The facility opening marks Sony's commitment to developing IP solutions ready today, open for tomorrow. The brand new IP Studio will demonstrate the full IP ecosystem, acting as a training center and test bed for third party interoperability.

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What is #PTP and why should you use it?

Providing traceable time to the highest levels of accuracy is essential for industries ranging from telecommunications and the energy sector to financial and trading services. Precision Time Protocol (PTP) services provide traceable time over a dedicated fibre which enables organisations to time stamp to the highest degree of accuracy.

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Time synchronization is a matter of course everywhere in our daily life. Here are some examples:

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Meinberg GPS Receivers

 Satellites of the GPS and other GNSS systems are usually not stationary, but circle around the globe on well-known tracks, so each individual satellite may be above or below the horizon at a given location and time. Satellites that are below the horizon can't be tracked anyway, so the receiver uses its last known position and almanac data from the satellites to determine which satellites are currently expected to be above the horizon at its geographic position, and can potentially be tracked. All these satellites are called to be in view.

However, even some the satellites that are in view may be shielded by buildings, mountains, etc., so the receiver may be unable to track these satellites. Also, individual satellites may be temporarily in maintenance mode, so they must not be used even if they can be tracked. Only satellites that can be tracked and are not in maintenance mode are considered good and used to determine the current position and time.

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Meinberg LANTIME NTP Authentication

Operating NTP in a secure manner requires the usage of NTP authentication

Using the Meinberg LANTIME NTP appliance with NTP authentication is quite simply since it requires just a few clicks.

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Article by Johannes Weber